Thursday, July 15, 2010

Givenchy 'Fetish' suede T-bar pump

The recent typhoon brought a lot of inconveniences.  We didn't have electricity for 2 days and of course that means no featuring gorgeous shoes.  I miss my shoes!  The last post, Dune 'Jetta' candy colored pump was just a stolen and rush moment before the electric company cut off our supply.  I went to the mall to cool down (it's scorching hot after the typhoon) and be entertained but to my dismay, malls don't have electricity too.  Their generators could not supply enough power to allow boutiques to turn on their aircon.  Oh well, I bought two books, a telephone unit for my Magic Jack, some curtains and clothes for my son.  I planned on buying shoes but they don't have my size.

Electricity is back so I am now making up for the down days.  Here is Givenchy's 'Fetish' pump in suede with contrast leather T-bar.  You can get this at Zoe for $1,095.

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