Friday, April 7, 2017

Celebrity Shoes: Charlize Theron in Christian Louboutin boots

For the premiere of The Faith of the Furious in Paris, Charlize Theron was bad ass in an all black ensemble. Her gorgeous hair perfectly framed her already beautiful mug. This is the first time I have actually seen pants with the brands's name on the waist. I know it's common in underwear and sportswear but for pants, I am not sure. Maybe it will become a trend in the coming days, we will never know. Let's just wait and see if others will follow. Overall, I actually have nothing bad to say about this look and compared to her previous shoe game, this Christian Louboutin "Andaloulou" mesh effect boots is on point.

Andaloulou is made of intricately woven leather strands to create a caged effect. The 4-inch stiletto heel adds extra appeal to the already eye-catching boots. It is also available in gold and you can buy them all here.

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