Saturday, January 21, 2012

Nine West 'Squareone' moccasin made me nostalgic

Nine West 'Squareone' moccasin, $79.
This moccasin made me nostalgic. It reminded me of the days when I was still a medicine student... those days when I would sleep for only four hours to study, those days when my friends and I would hang out on the parking lot of a supermarket just for the heck of doing it, spending the whole day in front of a cadaver to study anatomy, those days when the hippest cellphone is a Nokia 3210 with a ringtone maker (the first one of its kind). *Side note: You can still create your very own ringtone at mobile17 if you no longer have a "vintage" cellphone. Wink.*

Those were the days! I miss all of those!

A few days ago, I was telling myself to go back to school, take a master's degree... that I need it in my future endeavors. And each time I think about studying again, it reminds me of my medicine days. Although short, it was one heck of an experience. And if I'd go back in time, I'd choose to go back to the days when I wore white uniform and a white moccasin while I carry with me tons of notes and 3-inch thick books that I should finish reading before the semester ends.

If there is one thing I regret not doing, it is finishing my medicine course. It will always be my number one frustration.

Pursue your dreams!  

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