Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Rachel McAdams rocks Lanvin's lucite heel wedge

It's not the sultry look of Rachel McAdams that made me give her a second look... it's those Lanvin lucite wedge pumps that did.

Photo from here.
The ruched dress on anyone else is so unforgiving, but Rachel carried it well with her just-got-up-from-bed hair and piercing eyes... of course, those Lanvin heels just made everything perfect.  I am not a big fan of lucite heels, but this time, I was in awe (in a good way).  This awe moment happened during the NY premiere of her new film, Morning Glory.

Photo from here.
Up close, it is as if Rachel is tiptoeing.  The ankle straps and mesh-like uppers are so stylish and au currant.

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