Sunday, May 9, 2010

Samanta 'Mia' pump

I've been to a lot of stress even before the website project.  I remember working like a horse a year ago because our company had a major event and I was the one in charge of everything.  I became an events coordinator in an instant which was good because it's something that I like to do but I wasn't prepared for the amount of stress it would bring me.  Having mentioned working like a horse, this Mia pump reminds me of knights during the Medieval Ages fighting and conquering new territories.  This pump comes in five colors but I like the effect of this one... it is more of like Lancelot of the Round Table because of the golden heels and skirt like detail at the back.  It is also made of calf skin which even made this shoe rich and lust worthy.  Selling for $199 at Endless, this a good deal if you want to be Guinevere for a while.

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