Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Gaupo 'Fauna' sandal

It is about time to pay homage to the talented shoe designers of the Philippines and I am featuring today Cesar Gaupo's Fauna sandal.  I got confused a little bit with the name of the shoe but nevertheless, I find it really sophisticated and elegant.  Gaupo Shoe Couture is an exclusive shoe maker in the Philippines, they do not sell their shoes in shopping centers.  You can have their designs customized for you, of course that means a pair is pricey compared to what you can buy ready made.  But you don't have to fret much about the price because their assurance is that every design is produced in limited numbers only so that the chances of seeing the same pair in an event is almost nil.  They are very strict with the quality, from the raw materials to the actual production of the shoe... another assurance again that your shoe will serve you for a long long time.

To take a look of their other designs, click here.

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