Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Caring for the Sick in Style a la Grey's Anatomy

I work in a hospital... I am not a nurse or a medical technologist who is obliged to wear nursing uniforms every day.  I feel lucky to have the option of wearing chic and stylish clothes and shoes when going to work.  The only time I get to see our medical staffs looking chic is during events and boy, I can hardly recognize them.

One time, one staff, maybe because her inner fashionista couldn't take it anymore, asked our human resource if they could change their uniforms.  Before she approached the human resource, she already did some research about custom made scrubs.  She showed some samples and I was impressed that a hospital scrub uniform can actually look cute and fashionable.

Photo from here.
I imagine them wearing cute scrub uniforms and wearing shoes like Skechers Shape-up XF Accelerator sneakers--like working out but not really, like the doctors of Grey's Anatomy.

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  1. Grey's has nursing uniforms available to everyone, and yes they do look great! As for shoes I could see Skechers, or some Cherokees. Interesting to see if Grey's ever comes out with their own nursing shoes


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