Sunday, February 14, 2010

Alexander McQueen high-heeled boots

Alexander McQueen items are selling like pancakes.  Last night when I was browsing Yoox for the designer's shoes, I saw at least ten but today there are 3 shoe items left!  I am not surprised that many are eager to own any McQueen items but the rate of the items disappearing in sites (racks too I believe) is beyond any one's expectations.

Anyway, before I ran out of McQueen shoes, here's what caught my attention.

This is what I love about Alexander McQueen--mixing femininity and rocker attitude in a design.  The bow detail at the back is what made these unique among other black boots in the market.  The bow is too flirty for words.. and the pointed heels are so sexy.  I think I would need days of practice before wearing these boots.  I love it!  Any wearer would look good in these whether she's wearing skirt or pants.  Get this here before stocks ran out! 

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