Monday, February 15, 2010

Alexander McQueen metallic sandal


This would be the first flat shoe in this blog.  Alexander McQueen probably was the only one who made skulls look chic in any footwear.  This would be great to wear with maxi dresses or any dress perhaps.  I can walk miles with this.  I have plantar fasciitis, so flats would be nice to at least relieve my feet of aches and pains.  In case you are wondering how did I get plantar fasciitis, well, I got it from wearing heels all the time.  As a friendly reminder to all of you, I know that heels will make you feel sexy and tall but do consider  that whenever we're on heels, the mechanics of our feet changes and most of the weight is distributed on the heels.  

Moving on, there are only 3 McQueen shoe items left in Neiman Marcus and this is one of them and if I were you I'd buy this before I buy the other two.  

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