Monday, February 18, 2013

Le Silla 140mm suede cut out sandals

Le Silla 140mm suede cut out sandals, $733 at
I was diagnosed with hairline fracture on my left foot metatarsal. It is the reason why I have pain on my foot after long walks even if I am wearing flats. All the while I thought it was because of my plantar fasciitis. My doctor advised me to stay away from heels for about a month to allow the fracture to heal. After a month, I will have to have another x-ray to check and by then my doctor will advise what to do next. I am quite sad hearing the diagnosis. It means no heels and no playing volleyball because excessive running and jumping could also worsen the fracture.

Even if I have money to buy this Le Silla sandals, I wouldn't be able to wear it. Sigh! This sandals would be perfect this Spring and Summer!

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