Sunday, September 11, 2011

New Shoes: Satin D'orsay and Lace Pumps

I went shoe shopping earlier this day together with my sister. I was able to buy two because they are marked 50% off, making me spend only $20 for the two pairs.

Satin d'orsay peep toe pump with 3-inch heel.
This is the only size left. I'm so lucky. I fits perfectly on my feet. I tried walking in them and they are pretty comfortable. I will attend a formal party this month and this would be perfect.

This is my second d'orsay. I had one when I was in college, and that was like a gazillion years ago. This has folded satin design on the sides and V-shaped peep toes. This is size 10.

Metallic gold pointed toe pump with lace overlay with 3-inch heel.
This is the same upper as my lace platform pumps that I featured months ago. It fits like a glove that's why I bought it and I kinda miss wearing pointed toes.

My feet looked divine (?) when I tried it on. This is a size 10.5.

To date, I already have 7 new pairs, not including the ones that my aunt and mom bought for me. How many pairs of shoes do you own?

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