Saturday, December 18, 2010

New Shoes: Lace platform pumps

My new purchase... lace pumps with red soles and hidden platforms for only approximately $30.  It is not a Christian Louboutin.  It looks like Alexander McQueen's lace pumps but is not.  I still haven't saved for those brands.  Even if these weren't Louboutin's or McQueen's, I am happy to have found these.  I bought this at the mall earlier today while my son is playing at the play pen together with his nanny.  It was love at first sight and fits perfectly on my feet.  It was the last pair so I was in luck (I could have been luckier if these were on sale.).  I actually bought two pairs but I will post about it tomorrow (watch out).

Stolen shot of the pumps inside the mall.


  1. i got these from a mall in the philippines. thanks from dropping by and for following my blog.


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