Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Christian Louboutin 'Hassaneta 120mm' slip on sandals

Slip ons... I like to wear them with casual clothes during casual days. I have this thinking that if a shoe is open at the back and does't have a strap, it is not appropriate for non-casual days even if they are metallics. I know most of you will disagree because there are metallic slip ons that look great with semi-formal and formal clothes. I have actually tried it once but I just wasn't comfortable. Even if this Christian Louboutin 'Hassaneta 120mm' slip on sandals was styled with a dress, clutch and nice earrings at Net-A-Porter... it did not change my thinking about slip ons.  I like it, though.

You can have this for $945. It is made of linen with snakeskin leather panels bordered with gunmetal studs.

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