Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Christian Louboutin 'Mille Cordes' multi-strap slingback

I thought this would be another night of disappointment because I lost the freaking internet connection again.  Thank goodness the customer service representative has the brain of Einstein (exagge) and he correctly diagnosed what was wrong.  He found out that the contractors set my connection to static instead of dynamic.  I was right not to give tip to the repairman.  Anyways, I am back and I was greeted by this cranberry slingback with knotted multi-strap instep by Christian Louboutin.  Thank goodness for Louboutins, a girl's desperation and stress are simply washed away by the mere sight of his creations.

This is also available in gold and black and you can get them all at Barney's for $895.

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