Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Shoe Label: Harajuku Lovers

I didn't know that Gwen Stefani designs for the brand Harajuku Lovers and co-owns it until I read this article on E-Articles last night.  The brand is pretty much known for their quirky  and colorful designs (shoes and apparel) that captures the vibe of Harajuku--a district in Japan where teenagers gather during Sundays to showcase their sense of style and interact with other youths.  It was said that Harajuku is the collective place of mixed cultures of Japan.  It is no wonder why Gwen launched the line to cater to the colorful and fun world of the youth because Gwen is Harajuku personified in the US.  Remember her No Doubt days wherein she couldn't care less of what she wears?

The brand started in 2004 when Gwen launched her first solo album--Love, Angel, Music, Baby or L. A. M. B. which is now a popular clothing brand in the US.  Of course, for a brand that has established a name in the fashion industry in just a short period of time, they were not spared of rumors and court battles about design stealing.  In 2007, they filed a case against Forever 21 for allegedly copying their designs without their permission.

The graphic boot in photo is available at Endless for $104.96 and is also available in brown.

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