Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Beverly Feldman Supernal d'orsay with pearls

If Christian Louboutin has his signature red sole, Beverly Feldman has a smiley sole saying "Happiness starts here."   I couldn't agree less.  My constant concern about buying a shoe is the fit and if I couldn't walk properly in it I wouldn't buy it.  I have rather big feet so it is hard for me to buy shoes. Beverly Feldman claims that her shoe designs have been a staple since the 1970s because of comfort and the careful creation of each pair each time.  I haven't tried a Feldman but being in the shoe industry for a long time already proved this brand's worth.  About the 'Supernal' d'orsay, I don't really like the heels... it is too matronly for my taste.  Anyway, you can get this at Endless.

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