Thursday, February 11, 2010

In Memory of Alexander McQueen

I was watching the early news today and I was shocked when the anchor announced Alexander McQueen was found dead in his house.The cause of his death is still unknown but there are speculations that he committed suicide because of depression brought about by his mother's death. 

Image from Harper's Bazaar.

I chose Alexander McQueen's red, devilish hot boots as the maiden entry of this blog.  He is a brilliant designer--outrageous and brilliant are the exact words to explain his pieces.   He is at the pinnacle of his success but unfortunately his career has to end soon.  Anna Wintour considered him as one of the greatest designers of his generation--I agree.  McQueen's runway shows were always a production, an entertainment in itself, and once again-even for the last time, he never disappointed his guests during his 2010 collection.  It is no wonder why celebrities and high society people go crazy about his designs.  He once dressed Madonna, Sandra Bullock, Kate Moss and the most recent was Lady Gaga wherein in she wore in her Bad Romance video his most outrageous shoe designs.
To pay tribute to Alexander McQueen, I will dedicate the whole month of February to him.

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