Thursday, July 11, 2013

Lumiani International Collection 'Pallas' peep toe pumps

I grew up playing Barbie dolls. I have different kinds of Barbie dolls that I would mix and match clothes, color their hair, and pretend that I am a part of their make-believe world. I think Barbie's greatest influence on me is her love for shoes. I get upset whenever a pair of her pink pumps or sandals is missing... you can repair her dress when it becomes torn but when a shoe is missing, Barbie is no longer the same.

Anyway, I began this post with Barbie dolls because whenever I see pink shoes, it reminds me of her. It is her signature color. I like pink but I could not pull off pink shoes. In as much as I think that these Lumiani International Collection pumps look cute, I think pink no longer suits my personality. However, if you think you can go away unharmed by the Fashion Police wearing these, you can buy it at for $47.99 previously $59. Its upper is made of fabric with croc embossed 5-inch heel and 1 1/4-inch platform.

[Buy here]

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