Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Maco Custodio's animal inspired shoes... dare to wear?

I was browsing Style Bible when I stumbled upon these Maco Custodio's animal inspired shoes that are a borderline of costume and wearable. Would you dare to wear?

The 'Rhino' pumps. Explanation not needed.

The 'Deinony-shus' peep toe pumps that resemble Woody Woodpecker.

This is the weirdest of all, 'Tri-heel-atops' pumps with tail. If you happen to break a heel, never fear, you still have 2 spare heels.

Maco Custodio is a Manila-based shoe designer known for his sculptural and really unique shoe designs. His shoes are all made to order.

To know more about Maco Custodio, click here.

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