Saturday, November 6, 2010

Giving Away Pre-Loved Pumps

I bought new shoes today because I planning to give away my two pointed pumps, size 39, that I haven't worn for a year.  I bought those pumps for a super deal of roughly $5 a pair from a shoe boutique inside a shopping mall.  Crazy isn't it?  And they are really sturdy... they are still in tip top shape.

Green pointed toe pumps with cream color trim detail.  This is made of fabric with leather insole.  Perfect to wear in the office.

Gray pointed toe pumps with cutout detail on the sides and silver trim , worn only once.  Made of suede uppers and leather insole.  Perfect for evening parties.

 Based on the designs of these pumps, you can conclude that I am really not that adventurous when it comes to shoes. 


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