Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Discounted Designer Shoes

I am a sale freak.  In these times of economic downfall, I have to be because I love to buy shoes.  I am constantly in search of the best bargains in town the internet and I know that most of you are doing the same thing, too.  Since we are talking about sales and shoes, let me begin sharing with you some of the best designer shoes that I have found that are on a discounted price. 

I know your heart is throbbing at the sight of this shoe.  Of course, the red sole peeking is a sign that this lace-up 'Mamito Rete 120' platform oxfords is by Christian Louboutin.  Brace yourselves, this is on sale for $965  $772.  Check out more gorgeous Christian Louboutin shoes by clicking on the link.

This Prada bootie may be familiar... Kim Kardashian was seen wearing this during her tour in Paris.  This can be yours for $890 $712.  This is best paired with skirts or cropped pants.  To see more Prada shoes, click on the link.

This Cole Haan 'Air Jocelyn' sandal is very Safari and really affordable, it is only $228 $137.  Wear this during your casual Fridays, shopping for more shoes, going to a picnic or just walking around town.  Get this sandal and more Cole Haan shoes by clicking on the link.

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