Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Rene Caovilla 'Strass' bejeweled suede sandal

I would normally despise... it is a harsh word, let me rephrase it.  I would normally not like right away sandals that are bare in front but constricting around the ankles because I don't have long legs to balance out the 'cropped' look.  I also apply the same principle in wearing cropped pants... I just look shorter and stumpy.  I said 'not like right away' if the designer has made all efforts in making it look good on my feet even if it's only in my imagination.  The perfect example would be this sandal by Rene Caovilla.  It is just the glittery thing going on that lured me to liking this.  

If you happen to be a sucker for anything that sparkles, this sandal is available at Neiman Marcus for $1,195.

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