Sunday, July 25, 2010

Christian Louboutin 'Ziparent' T-strap double platform PVC sandals

It has been a while...

I was too busy this weekend that I wasn't able to post.  I moved a lot of stuff in my house and got rid of the things that eats up space but never gets used.  I've counted 15 boxes of shoes in my closet and I haven't worn most of the shoes in months.  I was on shoe shopping last week and looking at too many unworn shoes makes me a bit guilty.  Not really... I would still buy shoes this week but I will buy one that I can wear in the office.  I've had too many sandals already and I promise to wear them during weekends.

So, now you ask me why here is this 'Ziparent' sandals by Christian Louboutin and what's this got to do with the previous paragraph.  Well, no big deal really.  I just thought of posting a Louboutin because I was away for too long (relatively). 

You can buy this at Saks for $895.  It is made of zippers and plastic hence the name.

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