Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Dukas 130mm doll heel pump

Happy new year to all!

I have been blogging about shoes since 2009 and I believe I have shown you the craziest heels known to man. Well, almost.

The first post for this year is about another crazy heel that I have found in Luisa Via Roma. It is a white suede pump with ankle strap by Dukas that has a really unique doll's legs that make up the heel.

The pointy toe has a slight platform. I am actually not a fan of white shoes because it is prone to dirt and it is hard to clean. The brown leather ankle strap gives it an edge, though.

And here is the heel... which is a doll's legs (ass included). What do you think? This pump sells for $876. This is a pre-order item and shipping will start on February 15. Want to add this to your collection?

[Buy here.]

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