Monday, March 19, 2012

Seen: Willow Smith in Adidas Y-3 by Yohji Yamamoto 'Oriah' high cut sneakers

Photo from E! Online
While browsing E! to get my daily shot of tabloid news, I saw this photo of Willow Smith. She looks happy and fine while out and about in NYC. She actually looks like a normal kid here compared to her previous wacky styles. But, despite the "normality", those Adidas Y-3 by Yohji Yamamoto 'Oriah' high cut sneakers still caught my attention.

I featured these unusual high cut sneakers last February and I was wondering how anyone could walk in them. Well, I guess the wondering ends now because our little fashion risk taker did the honors. You can have your very own pair at Zappos Couture for $690.

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