Saturday, August 6, 2011

My Blue Suede Shoes

I had a wonderful day! After weeks of longing for body pampering, I was able to have one this day. I had a whole body massage, foot spa and pedicure. I was at the mall and of course a tour inside it would not be complete without touring boutiques. I literally checked every clothes and shoe stores inside. The last one that I checked had me at first fitting. 

These girls are by Primadonna, the store I usually go to if I am looking for not-so-basic shoes. The first one that caught my attention was this blue peep toes. I had to try them on so I asked the saleslady if they have my size. And they have! I was smitten by how it made my feet look whiter. I tried walking in them inside the boutique and they're so comfortable. I needed to take it home before anyone else does. It has 4-inch heels and 1-inch platform covered with black suede while its peep toe upper is made of blue suede. I actually made a breakthrough today because I made my first ever purchase of blue suede shoes!

Doesn't she have the perfect blue? And who ever said you shouldn't mix blue with black is so wrong... I couldn't wait to wear this on Friday.

What do you think of them?

Check these out:

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