Friday, April 8, 2011

Blog Name Dispute

It has come to my knowledge that a fellow (and favorite) shoe blogger is currently under blog name dispute. My favorite Shoeperwoman has an ongoing battle with Shoeper-Woman. Amber (Shoeperwoman's mortal name) has issued a statement about the matter that you can read here.

My thoughts about it... Shoeperwoman under Midas Media has been blogging about shoes since time immemorial, while Shoeper-Woman has been blogging since, well, 2011. Shoeperwoman does not sell shoes while Shoeper-Woman does. As per Google page rank, Shoeperwoman has 3 while Shoeper-woman has none. That number alone signifies that my favorite shoeperhero will win this battle.

If you know Shoeperwoman, join us in saving her site.


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