Monday, August 30, 2010

Seen: Rita Wilson in Prada lucite heel chandelier sandals

I don't like red carpet events because women are all wearing long gowns and that means I could not see what shoes they are wearing.  In the recently concluded 2010 Emmy, two gorgeous ladies had the courage (guts) to wear short dresses.  Heidi Klum wore a rosette-filled Marchesa mini which she paired with spiked Christian Louboutin pumps.  The other lady is Rita Wilson (photo) who wore a Prada sparkling dress and this chandelier inspired sandal, also by Prada:

This sandal looks cute and unique on the runway.  I thought it would remain on the runway until Rita wore it yesterday.  I personally don't think it fits the personality of Rita.  The sparkling dress was great in itself so an equally sparkling shoe is not necessary.  Rita is blooming, she looks really happy with Tom Hanks and I think her aura should not be overpowered by anything too sparkly and quirky.

This sandal is available at Bluefly for $1,024.

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