Friday, August 13, 2010

Prada bi-color patent leather loafer pump

I had an unforgettable story about my first experience wearing loafers.  It happened when I was in grade school, my seatmate would tease me about my feet.  Yes, I was already teased about my huge feet when I was a kid.  My mom bought me a pair of loafers to go with my school uniform but I despise them because it made my feet look a lot bigger.  One day, I was forced to wear it because my favorite school shoes gave up on me.  I went to school feeling so conscious about my even bigger looking feet.  Needless to say, my seatmate noticed my new shoes and he stepped on my foot to 'baptize' them.  I wasn't hurt but I was so pissed at him for making my shoes dirty so I stepped on his foot with all my might that he screamed and cried.  Finally, I had my revenge.  He never teased me about my feet since then.

If kids, during my time, were allowed to wear heels in school, my classmate would definitely dread the day he first teased me about my feet because I probably had shoes that look something like these Prada loafer pumps and I will step on his foot using the heel and not the toe part. 

I will not intentionally step on someone's foot, it is simply rude.

You can get these loafer pumps at Saks for $850.

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