Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Celine flannel bootie

My grandmother from Germany used to tease me about my wearing boots in the Philippines even during summer.  Why not?  I only wear booties or ankle boots because I can run in them whenever I have to quickly get inside my hailed bus or jeepney in a no loading/unloading zone.  Shhh... I am a lawbreaker at times especially when I am about to get late on my appointment.  My grandmother finally got rid of her pet peeves to my boot frenzy and she now buy me boots from Germany.  Boots... they've been with me through puddles and sand dunes and I love them.

I almost forgot, those leather-textile booties are from Celine and you can buy your pair at Yoox for $541.08.  This is my next best thing if I can't have those by Mr. Louboutin.

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