Sunday, July 4, 2010

Gasoline Glamour 'Pavement' pumps

Crazy!!! And this girl costs $3,000!

I was browsing mystyle's website when I stumbled upon this crazy shoe by Gasoline Glamour that Eva Mercille wore during the BET Awards, although her feet were the only ones shown.  I searched for a whole body image of Eva wearing the shoe and the shoe designer's website and I was surprised... Lady Gaga will hoard their racks because of the numerous shoes that are outrageous and crazy!  There's a pump that is covered with bullets (yeah, the one you load a gun with), platform with a clown's face, pumps covered with blue feathers, a pump with lollipops (perfect for Katy Perry) and so much more!!!!!!  

Check it out girls by clicking on this link!

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