Wednesday, June 30, 2010

What To Do If The Shoe Doesn't Fit

Did you ever experience buying a shoe online that you really love that you gave up almost every money consuming habits that you have just to buy it but when the shoe arrives it doesn't fit and the worst thing of all is that the item cannot be replaced? It happened to me several times.  It is one of the main reasons for having accumulated too many unworn shoes inside my closet.  It is really a hassle to rummage through a closet-full of really nice shoes but couldn't find anything that fits.  I don't have many cousins who have a big shoe size so disposing all those shoes is a bit hard.

Thank goodness that If The Shoe Doesn't Fit answered all my prayers!  The site specializes in selling, buying and swapping shoes that, well, doesn't fit.  It is actually very easy to do, register on the site and they will give you 8 chances to show off your shoes for every $1 worth of listing--that is if in case you want to sell.  If you want to buy shoes, register, look at the sellers' items and bid for any shoe that you like.  If you want to swap shoes, you have to register and browse other sellers' items and bid for your desired shoe.  I told you it is that easy!  The site also gives shoe lovers and shoe makers a chance to create their very own online store for just $15 a month.  For online stores, a 5% discount will be given for the listing.
The site is one of the best ways to connect and interact with other shoe lovers out there  and aside from getting rid of all those unworn shoes, you may be lucky in finding (finally) a shoe that fits perfectly at a lower price tag.

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