Sunday, June 6, 2010

Mirror Image: Valentino bowed D'orsay vs. Paris Hilton 'Senorita'

It's been a long while since I presented you with a Mirror Image.  So now, I present you Valentino versus Paris Hilton... this would be the heiress's second round on this arena.  Here the battle is about patent leather D'orsays.  I featured this red Valentino last February together with his other bowed designs.  The heiress managed to keep Mr. Louboutin's red soles and incorporate it with Mr. Valentino's design to create the 'Senorita'.  You can buy Paris Hilton's shoe right here and although it costs less than a hundred bucks, Valentino wins this round by his originality.


  1. Hi, hopping.. Thanks for advertising on my entrecard widget.

    :) Luv ur blog, I felt like I was in shoe heaven.. will visit again.

  2. Great find! I would love a pair of those!

  3. Thanks guys for dropping by. =)


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