Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Christian Louboutin's Red Sole

Ever since it came to my knowledge that a certain shoe designer in the name of Christian Louboutin exists, I am always fascinated in finding a red sole in every photographed celebrity in Hollywood and needless to say, a Louboutin isn't that hard to find.  His shoes are the most sought after shoes amongst celebrities and those who simply are shoe addicts.  So, what's the story behind the most popular sole?  Christian Louboutin felt that his shoes lack energy so he painted the sole with a red nail polish.  That is what happened in 1992 and the rest as they say is history.

It makes me think sometimes that what if Mr. Louboutin forgot to give a certain shoe his red sole.  I got excited when I featured a Louboutin sneakers with studs a few weeks ago and I thought, this could be the moment I've been waiting for--a Louboutin sans the red sole because those are sneakers... although I didn't see its sole, it says in the description that it has "the signature red sole".  

Well, I guess my hoping for a Louboutin without a red sole should end right now because even Mr. Louboutin's dancing shoes have red soles.

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