Thursday, March 25, 2010

Black or White?

When I was still studying, we were not allowed to wear shoes that aren't black... clean and shiny black school shoes--which I think is not a bad thing.  My collection of black school shoes I thought would end in college but, no... we still have uniforms that should be worn only with black shoes.  That is the case if you are not enrolled in Nursing or other allied medicine courses but I would still consider myself lucky for not having to wear white shoes.  I actually haven't tried wearing white ones.. I don't want to try an all white shoe simply because I don't want to see dirt on it, so this led me to searching for really cute black and white combo shoes... and here are some that I've found.

Charles by Charles David 'Vice' sandal at Endless that is 40% off the original price of $144.95.

These 'Kalei' peep toes are not your usual floral printed shoes and these are by Anne Klein.

Love this!  This Giuseppe Zanotti 'Graffiti' peep toe captures the 80's art deco and the pink heels added more attitude to this shoe.

Georgina Goodman 'Ruby' paltform sandal would be perfect with black tights.

This 'Halina' thong sandal by Ralph Lauren is made for stylish long walks around town.

Black and white are not boring, just take a look at this 'Miss Marc' ballet flats by Marc Jacobs.  The pirate face design is so cute!

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